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It’s not often that we get away from the farmhouse to travel.  We’re usually tied up with work, school (Little Mr. FVF is a middle-schooler and it’s more difficult to pull them out of school when they have 6 classes in a day!), football (4 months of our year is dedicated to football almost daily), animals (4 dogs, 22 chickens — that’s a lot of mouths to feed every day!) and/or projects around the house.  Plus, there’s always that tug-of-war about whether we should spend money to take a vacation or sink it back into much needed projects or repairs around the farmhouse.  Although, after spending the first year and a half in this house without a break from it, I put my foot down.  Okay, it was more like a break down . . .but nevertheless, Mr. FVF and I reassessed and determined that getting away for family time that didn’t involve a power tool, paint brush, or pry bar wasn’t a bad thing and might actually be the only way to keep me sane.  Therefore, we make it a conscious effort to set aside money each month to funnel into at least one family vacation each year.  We also bought a camper and try to go camping fairly regularly.  I will catalog our trip reports here as well as break down some of our trip planning and share my tips and tricks along the way.

Universal Studios

How we went to Universal Studios for {basically} free!