10 Must Have Items for a Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen tools
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*DISCLAIMER – This post contains affiliate links. You purchasing any of these items may earn me a small commission to help keep the lights on, food on the table & wood in the fireplace at the farmhouse but in no way costs you anything extra. I will never recommend anything that I do not use or would not use in the Frugal Farmhouse myself.  

When we bought the farmhouse, I didn’t quite get what the term “farmhouse kitchen” meant.  After having been here for over 3 years and with as much time as I’ve spent in my kitchen, I more than know what the term means now!  There are so many tools that I use in my kitchen on a daily basis that help me accomplish my goals of simplistic, frugal and (somewhat) self-sustainable living.  I’ve compiled a sampling of some of my favorite items and am excited to share them with you below.  In no particular order, here are some of the items that I can’t live without in my farmhouse kitchen.


farmhouse kitchen tools

  1. Food Processor I love my food processor and use it often.  I use it for making sauces, mincing and chopping, making butter (omgeeee, homemade butter is sooooo good!), and more.
  2. Flour Sack Towels These flour sack towels are so versatile!  I use them as my dish rags and always have one flung over my shoulder when I’m doing things in the kitchen.  I also use them to cover kombucha and apple cider vinegar when they are processing as the flour sack material weave is tighter than cheesecloth and I’ve found that cheese cloth lets the fruit flies in.  Fruit flies are never invited into my kitchen!  The great thing about the flour sack material is that it can be thrown in the washer and washed on a hot cycle and they come out fresh and new!
  3. Stand Mixer Y’all, I held off for years before getting one of these bad boys. Reason being is that they are not cheap.  Not at all.  It was just killing me to spend the money on one.  Husband being the gem that he is knew that I would just adore one if I had it got me one for Mother’s Day 2 years ago and I love it.  Worth.every.penny.
  4. Stock Pot With all the cooking & canning you do in a farmhouse kitchen, you’ve gotta have a big ‘ole stock pot!
  5. Cast Iron Skillet These are another item that I kind of held off on for awhile as they are heavy and I didn’t fully understand what the big deal is and why everyone had to have one.  Finally, I broke down and bought one.  I told myself that one should suffice as they couldn’t possibly be as great as everyone said.  Boy, was I wrong!  Cast iron skillets are where it’s AT!  It’s true that food just tastes better when it’s been made in a cast iron skillet.  I use mine for so many things: pancakes, frying porkchops or chicken, sauteeing veggies, even cooking cornbread!  I even have some in our camper and we use them in the outdoor kitchen or for cooking over a fire.  They’re uh-may-zing!
  6. Wisk Every kitchen needs a good set of wisks and farmhouse kitchens are no exception.  I love this set because the different size wisks are perfect for different jobs.
  7. Kitchen Shears Super helpful for snipping herbs or cutting dough into pieces for dumplings!
  8. Compost Binj I love having a compost bin sitting right next to our kitchen sink.  Our large compost tumbler is out in the garden which sits a little ways from the house.  I love not having to walk out there every day (and maybe a few times a day with how many kitchen scraps we generate!) to toss my compost scraps in.  With a compost bin in the kitchen, I only need to go out every few days.  I especially love this one because it’s ceramic and looks so pretty on the counter!
  9. Mason Jars I mean, of course I was going to add these!  Every farmhouse kitchen is required to have mason jars!  They’re just too versatile not to have them in abundant supply!
  10. Pressure Canner Another item that’s a little on the pricey side but worth every penny.  I love my canner.  Read my virtual lips: love my canner. Plus, there are many foods that can’t be canned by way of water bath canning so having a canner is critical if you want to preserve your food for shelf stability.  One day, I have dreams of upgrading my canner to an All American canner but for now my Presto canner does the job just fine!

What are your favorite farmhouse kitchen items?  Leave us a comment below letting us know!

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