Prepping the Garden for Winter

One way of increasing self-sustainability and getting closer to the source of where your food is coming from is growing it yourself.  What better way to know exactly how your food was grown, harvested, and prepared?!  When you grow your own garden, you are in total control of what and how your food is grown.

A lot of people have gardens and there’s a really wide range of what type of gardens folks grow.  Big gardens, small gardens, container gardens, herb gardens, flower gardens. . .get the picture?  Having a garden is not really that hard and I strongly encourage everyone to have one.  Yes, even you New York City folk sitting there in your studio apartment!  Start small-io and grow big-io over time.  That’s kind of what I did.  But, I’ll tell you more about my own gardening journey in a future post.  Maybe closer to time to put the garden back in for the Spring!

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