Chit Chat: What’s behind The Frugal Virginia Farmhouse?

fox maiden farm pond Frugal Farmhouse

What is the Frugal Virginia Farmhouse? Well, that’s an explanation that might require a glass of sweet tea and a rocking chair. Get comfy, Sugar!

Before we get much deeper into this, I’m gonna take a step back and let you in on something — I’m still figuring this blogging thing out and I’m at a point where I’m a bit confused.  Also feeling a tad overwhelmed, I guess.  In a way, I feel compelled to “categorize” what the blog is about.  If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll know there are blogs about all sorts of different topics.  Basically anything you want to know about, there is a blog to cover it.  It even goes beyond just a blog — many also have Facebook groups, Pinterest pages, podcasts, vlogs, YouTube channels, Instagram, Twitter, the list goes on and on.  Perhaps The Frugal Virginia Farmhouse will one day have presence in other places, but for now I’m giving myself the license to start small and really turn this little corner into something special before I take on much more.  I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew! 😉  That, and I barely know how to navigate my own Facebook profile!  Pinterest, I’ve got down though.  I’m a pinnin’ fool!

However, I’m still working through how to define the blog.  In a sense, I feel like it’s only fair to those of you who follow & read the blog that I be able to tell you what to expect.  I understand that there needs to be something tangible that brings you here and keeps you coming back. Other than my sparkling personality, that is!

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10 Things I wish I had been told about buying a farmhouse

If such a thing existed as pre-farmhouse counseling (you know, like pre-marital counseling), I sure could have gotten benefit from getting some before we bought our house. Pre-Farmhouse, I had these idyllic ideas of sitting in my pristine farmhouse kitchen sipping a hot cup of coffee while looking out over my homestead admiring the way that the chickens and the goats got along. There would be the delicious scent of bread baking in the oven and a warm fire flickering away in the fireplace. I would finish my peaceful cup of coffee before heading out to the hen house and collecting freshly laid eggs to cook my family a wholesome breakfast.

Fast forward to Post-Farmhouse. . .Yeah.Freaking.Right. While I’m {slowly. very slowly} growing to love (“love” is a stretch most days; “tolerate” is probably more realistic) my farmhouse, it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be. Before you start thinking I’m an utterly negative person, hear me out. There are a lot of great things about living in a farmhouse. Trust me, I’ll write all about those. But, there are some things that I wish I had known before signing up for this journey!

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I guess I’m really doing this?!

frugal virginia farmhouse

Edited: this is the longest post I think I may ever write.  Either get coffee or get out now! 😉

I will do my best to keep this short but. . .well. . .I’ve never really been the “short” kind of talker.  Therefore, apologies in advance if this gets long.  Or boring.  I’m hoping neither but I suppose you’ll be the judge of that.

I guess I should start first with telling you who I am or why I’m starting this blog.  I’ll certainly do that.  But first, coffee.  (You should get some too — this is already shaping up to be a long read!)

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