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Hey Hey!  Welcome to The Frugal Virginia Farmhouse and thanks for stopping by!  I’m Aryn — curator of this little space on the inter-webs and co-curator of all things within the farmhouse.  I’m married to Dan (i.e. Mr. FVF) and we have one son (Big T.) who is 12.  In my professional life, I’m in Learning & Development for a large financial institution turning tech company.  In my personal life, I’m wife & mom which comes with a super long list of subtitles.  There are always projects in flight at the farmhouse.  Join us on our journey in turning our house into a home and doing it as frugally and simplistically as possible.

Aside from the one husband and one kid, we also have 4 dogs (Mr. FVF maintains that he agreed to approximately zero of those four) and 22 chickens, as of today (we live in the country, chickens have a way of disappearing. . .sigh) and I envision that there will be more little lovelies joining the ranks one day.  My heart desires to have goats, pigs, and eventually cows but we just have too much going on right now to delve into that space yet.  From a sustainability standpoint, I would love to learn more about raising our own beef and keeping a milk cow but that’s down the road a ways.


Random things that you should know about me so we can be friends:  *warning* these are really super random facts.  Seriously, they’re a glimpse into the weird way my brain works when I’m sharing things about myself with the world.  

  • I am addicted to coffee, sweet tea and sparkling water.  Especially sparkling water.  And coffee.  And sweet tea.  Oh yeah, and red wine.
  • I have an irrational fear of mice and snakes.  This makes living in a farmhouse in the country an especially trying adventure.
  • I grew up (mostly) in Wyoming and couldn’t wait to get away to a place where life was more “exciting” (i.e. faster with more complexity).  Now, I can’t wait to get the “exciting” out of my life as I am fervently chasing after simplicity.
  • There is usually music playing in my house at all times (either 80’s or country) but I rarely use the radio in my car.  Instead, I’m listening to podcasts pretty much any time my car is in motion.  Unless. . .
  • {and this one is really random} I’m calling my mom. . . I only call my mom when I’m in my car and driving somewhere.  It was never intended that way but she figured out that I only called her when I was driving and now instead of asking me “what are you doing?” she asks me “where are you driving to/from?” when she picks up the phone.
  • I have never seen the movie The Goonies.  The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins absolutely terrify me.  I don’t know why and I won’t watch them to try to figure it out.  It’s something related to watching them as a child and I never got over it.
  • I’m painfully shy in crowds of people that I don’t know or just met but chose a career that routinely has me speaking in front of large crowds (facilitator) and cannot imagine myself doing anything else as well as I do that!

That’s probably enough random facts about me, for now.  I don’t want to scare you off! 😉

If time and money were no object, here are a few things I enjoy in my spare time:

  • Knocking out projects around our house (check out our “projects” page (coming soon!) to see a few that we’ve completed!)
  • Camping – I love camping!
  • Gardening (I’m learning)
  • Traveling (check out our “Travel” page to read about trips we’ve taken when we’re able to get away from the farm)
  • Attending my son’s football games
  • Reading
  • Sleeping (I don’t do nearly enough of this)