Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  I hope you are all going to be spending the day with family and enjoying a delicious meal.  And maybe some football.  Or maybe just family.  And a delicious meal.

For those of you who are a little on the wild side, our Frugal Friday post will be coming a tad early and will be related to . . . you guessed it, Black Friday shopping!  A little bit later today, I’ll post my biggest tips and tricks to keeping sane and frugal that I’ve learned over my years of Black Friday shopping.   Be sure to come back later today and check it out!

If you will NOT be braving the crowds today and will instead be staying put to enjoy your Turkey Day, I hope you have a warm Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you from The Frugal Virginia Farmhouse, Y’all!

Extra Garden Bounty: Peppermint & Parsley

peppermint and parsley

Aside from ending up with a plethora of jalapenos on my hands from last week’s garden foray, I also ended up with bunches and bunches of peppermint & parsley. Having extra peppermint isn’t always a bad thing.  There are lots of delights that extra peppermint can be used for:

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Extra Garden Bounty: Jalapenos


*DISCLAIMER – This post may contain affiliate links. You making purchases from any of these links may earn me a small commission to help keep the lights on, food on the table & wood in the fireplace but in no way costs you anything extra. I will never recommend anything that I do not use or would not use in the Frugal Farmhouse myself.

I experienced an interesting problem this week.  I had Jalapenos coming out of my ears!  Okay, maybe not literally out of my ears but I had a bunch and I needed to figure out what purpose they held.

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