What items are on my “No Buy” list?

Do you have a “no buy” list?  I have one. . but I didn’t know it!

Sometimes I forget that not everyone lives the way we do.  That’s not to say that we live so incredibly differently than other people.  I mean, we are normal.  At least, I think we are!  My friends might beg to differ from time-to-time.  However, I am sometimes reminded by little things that incremental changes we’ve made in our lives over the last several years do, in fact, set us apart from others sometimes.

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Homestead Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Crap, I just looked at the calendar.  Next week. . .Next Week. 

. . .February 14th. . .Valentine’s Day.  The day that stores everywhere put away the green Christmas decorations and trade them out for pink transforming every visual square inch into an ocean of red, white, and pink.  Hearts and love and smoochies all around.  The day that women anticipate, men stress about, and single folks everywhere despise.

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Universal Studios for {basically} FREE!

Universal Studios

How I planned a trip to Universal Studios for {almost} no money out of pocket. . .

Let’s face it, traveling isn’t free or even cheap most times.  Especially if your destination is any of our nation’s widely known theme park attractions like Disney or Universal Studios. It’s hard to look at all of the estimated costs once you’ve added them up and decide if a frugal budget can handle it.  It’s SO easy to get into the planning and things start to add up and the budget just spins out of control.  It’s even easier to get there and get caught up in the fun & magic and forget you even have a budget!  However, that hasn’t stopped us from experiencing these attractions.  It has just taken me a little more patience and planning to make it happen in a way that fits with our budget.

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